Should I Sell My House As-Is To An Investor?

Should I Sell My House As-Is To An Investor?

Homeowners who make the decision to sell their home will likely need to make repairs before selling.  Property owners are asking themselves, “Should I sell my property as-is?  Should I sell to an investor?  There are many reasons why people need to find alternative real estate solutions.  Below are the most common:

1.  Do you have too many repairs?

Repairs to a home is the most common reason why people decide to sell their home in an as-is condition.  Most homes haven’t been updated in 20+ years and the costs to do a remodel is too costly for most homeowners. Many homeowners will simply try to offset the sale price of the home by the cost of the repairs and/or updates and then find that their house just sits on the market with repeated showings. Homeowners must find honest and quality contractors to do the work and hope it gets done correctly without incurring the “unknown costs” during the repair process.    Major repairs such as  foundation, roof, plumbing, electric, a/c  are the most expensive repairs.  Appliances, termite damage, pool, fire/water damage also add to the cost of repairing a home.  Rental properties are usually left damaged by the tenants and at times it’s simply best for the landlords  to sell it as-is to an investor.    Elvis Buys Houses, a family owned local investor, has plenty of options to choose from.  We do all the repairs, take the property as-is and even do the clean out.  We provide convenience, make it easy,  hassle and stress free for you.

2.  Do you need to move fast? 

Many people need to move out of state for a job transfer or military deployment and want to sell it quickly to avoid having two mortgages.  Sometimes, those who own property simply have lives that are too busy to take the time to do all the  things that typically need to be done to prepare to sell a house fast. Most people who have a home for sale don’t have a lot of time to let it sit on the market with a realtor. Are you wanting to stop foreclosure?  Investors can work with your lender to help stop foreclosure and close on your home in a short period of time.   Elvis Buys Houses can help you in all these situations!  To learn  more about stopping foreclosure, download our FREE Stop Foreclosure Guide on our website at

3.  Did you inherit a home you do not want?

Inherited homes can come with a lot of repairs that are much needed.  It is all to often that a person inherits a home form an older relative  who was not able to keep up with the ongoing maintenance of a home for numerous reasons.  In addition,  the home is usually outdated and would need to be brought up to current standards to be able to sell to  today’s homebuyer.  This process takes time and lots of money and incur additional costs holding the property until the repairs are done….such as taxes, utilities, and possibly a mortgage.  Elvis Buys Houses are investors  that can offer cash for properties as-is and would be the best option for sellers in this situation.

4.  Is your home vacant?

Some people have a  second home that they no longer use or it has too many repairs and want to sell it fast. Rental properties are usually left vacant for a period of time when landlords are trying to locate new tenants .  Also, when a home is vacant for a long period of time, it attracts vandalism which leads to costly repairs.   Whatever the reason for your home being vacant, sell it to Elvis Buys Houses today.  Well’ take that burden off your hands quickly so you can have peace of mind.

5.  Are you behind on payments/taxes?

Can’t afford your monthly payments?  It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, many people fall into this situation every day.  Maybe you’ve had medical bills piling up or have health issues that prevent you from working full time.  Maybe you’ve had a job change that decreased your income.  Maybe you’ve tried going to the bank and they denied you to be able to refinance.  Or maybe your family is growing and your average monthly cost of living is going up.  Whatever the reason for going through your financial hardship, you’ve realized you can’t afford your monthly mortgage payments and are running out of time quickly.   Now, you want to sell your home fast and take the money you receive to move to a less expensive place to live and get on with your life.  Working with an investor such as Elvis Buys Houses, we can help you get there, usually in 5-7 days or when it’s convenient for you.

6.  No equity?

No problem.   If you don’t want to pay hefty realtor fees out of your own pocket to list a home that is upside-down, don’t be discouraged…Elvis Buys Houses can help.  We will market your home using the most up-to-the-minute methods, guaranteed to put your home front and center for Buyers to See…and it’s free to you!

If you want to sell FAST, without  hassle, without obligation and get an honest/fair offer,

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Sell My House Fast

We at Elvis Buys Houses work differently.  We will provide you a fair all-cash offer on your house and can close when you want to closeIf the house is in questionable shape and you don’t want to (or can’t) fix it up… NO problem, we’ll deal with it for you.  If you need to get something done quickly, we can close in as little as 5 days because we buy houses with cash and don’t rely on traditional bank financing.

Call Elvis Buys Houses toady and sell your home with us.  We  understand there are many reasons for needing to sell a  home. We pay 100% cash for your house, no matter the condition of your house – your situation – or timeframe…  Our goal is to make your life easier by helping you get out from under that property that’s stressing you out… while still providing great service and paying a fast, fair, all cash offer for your house.

Here’s what Elvis Buys Houses can do for you:

      • You’ll pay NO fees
      • You’ll pay NO commissions
      • We pay ALL closing costs
      • We buy your house regardless of it’s condition…ugly, pretty, or just needs a few updates. Don’t waste your time and money, we will do all the repairs.
      • We buy your house no matter what you owe on the mortgage
      • Vacant house?  Renters?  Still living at your house?  We will work with you to close when it’s convenient for you.
      • We can get CASH in your hands quickly,  money is tight these days and we know situations arise out of the blue and that’s when you need money fast.  Call us, we can help.
      • Absolutely NO obligation, NO hassle and your information is kept confidential.
      • Family owned, friendly service, honest & fair pricing.
      • 100% cash paid.


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