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Elvis Buys Houses provides opportunities for Realtors to turn leads into commissions. How’s that? Realtors, at times, attain seller leads that many Realtors simply choose to walk away from. Why? Well there are sellers that really need the help of an expert therefore they  call on a Realtor to help them understand their options. Realtors often across sellers that have a house with Foundation, HVAC or other problems that the seller, for one reason or another, is unable to rectify. At times the house has been lived in for numerous years and it’s either outdated or just tired and worn or was not maintained over the years.

Myself I have heard of numerous Realtors that chose to either walk away form leads similar to what I just described because they feel that the house will be a challenge with numerous showings, long days on the market and end buyer financing. As a result the Realtor communicates options to the seller and then the seller and Realtor review potential actions that can be taken. They either choose to work together with a listing agreement, maybe a pocket listing. At times the Realtor recommends the benefit of locating a cash buyer to ultimately buy the house.

All in all…. unfortunately there are times when the Seller just cant afford Realtor commission and therefore some Realtors walk away. On the other hand I’ve seen many Realtors try to help the Seller with their problem out of the kindness of their heart and not charge the Seller any fee or commission at all. But Realtors should be compensated and can do so by having a solid working working relationship with a Cash Buyer such as Elvis Buys Houses!

Realtors come across Seller leads that have property related issues as described, or at times maybe the Seller just needs to rid themselves of a financial burden, mortgage payment, property taxes etc. We can help! By helping You Help Your Client! And you get paid fast too!

If your prospect Seller is experiencing issues that doesn’t allow you as a Realtor to acquire and monetize the lead with a commission, simply bring that lead to Elvis Buys Houses! Together, we’ll create a Win Win for you, the Seller, and Elvis Buys Houses!

Check out the following scenarios:

1.Seller cant afford Realtor commissions or just does not want pay the commission? 

 Bring the property to Elvis Buys Houses and I may pay the Sellers commission or provide you with a fee for marketing the property to me!

2. Seller’s property is broken, outdated and not in marketable condition?

Bring that ugly property to me I’ll buy it! I’ll repair it and provide you, the Realtor, the listing after I totally update & Recondition it! My commitment to you for bringing the lead to me! After I significantly improve the property’s condition, the appearance and the marketability, your commission potentially just doubled! How? Elvis Buys Houses updates, modernizes most rehabs to be the finest and fastest selling properties in the neighborhood. We have experienced high levels of success as our rehabs increase the value anywhere from 70-100% and find themselves listing on the market with the highest $$/sf in the area. Better yet our updated and reconditioned properties sell extremely fast so you, the Realtor gets paid fast!

So if you have a client needs to Sell Their House Fast I can help! They get paid fast and you get paid fast as well! So help that caller and monetize that Ugly broken house by calling Elvis Buys Houses! We can help! Sell that house Fast

Call toll free 877-703-5847 or Direct at either 214-769-2186 or 817-642-7365

Steve & Eileen at Closing. Sell Your House Fast. Call Elvis Buys Houses Today 877-703-5847
Steve of Elvis Buys Houses with Realtor Eileen Trudo-Hunter



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